Are You Kidding Me?!

Are You Kidding Me?!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


After reading an article on Matt Walsh's blog, I realized something pretty cool: I am not alone. There ARE other parents out there who discipline their kids. In his post, he talks about seeing a mom at the grocery store who had a screaming little boy with her. The boy's meltdown was because the mom said her son couldn't have some silly sugared cereal. He freaked out but she did not give in. She did not buy the cereal. Then her child knocked a display over and she *gasp* made the kid pick it up. This mom is made of awesome. See, here, in my neck of the woods, all my parent friends (and quite a few parents I run into at soccer practices, stores, etc.) cave to their kids. I’m not sure what all my non-parent friends think. I know some of them love that I discipline my kids. It’s always the "parent friends" who look at me quizzically or say outright how awful I am to my kids. Whatever.

I love the mom in this article. No way would I let someone help my little shit who knocked something over in a rage. I’d be super sweet and genuinely thankful if someone offered to help but that stuff is on the floor because of my kid and my kid will be the one picking it up—even if takes an hour and the frozen peas defrost.

And no screaming kid of mine would ever get a toy, treat, or anything but a “mommy glare”. Sometimes they would even earn a whispered threat of some sort which is much cooler (for me) and scarier (for them). It’s so fun. Something as simple as “Knock it off.” Or “Enough.” Or “I. Said. Stop.” whispered softly wicked close to your kid is scary and hilarious. You should try it.

Besides getting giggles and warm fuzzies from the whispering thing, you get kids who actually (eventually) stop doing these things. Most of the time. They know that when they have a major meltdown, they will not get what they want. Some kids take longer to learn this than others but stick with it. They’ll get it. If your kids ask and you say “No” then they cry and you cave and give them what they asked for, well… Hey, I’d cry, too. It works.  

The only downside is, if you’re not the cave mom, then you get to be the mean mom who everyone says is a bitch. But that’s okay. Because there will be that moment when you hear those words: “I wish my kids would behave as well as yours.” And there it is. Although, really, I didn’t do it for you. I didn’t do it for your approval. I did it for me. I did it for my kids.

Seriously, don’t cave. Be the mom in this article. You’ll be a happier person for it. So will your kids.