Are You Kidding Me?!

Are You Kidding Me?!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Don't Put a Damper on Donations!

People are stepping up and giving. They’re donating and helping. Can we stop beating them up for it? I am so sick of seeing comments about how they could have done more, they could have given to a “better” cause, or they shouldn’t have done it at all.

Like this amazing couple who donated $10 million to fund Head Start programs that were going to shut down because of government funding (or lack thereof). Yes, they have money—so what? You going to stone them for it? Comments included things like “Why are they giving money to Head Start? That’s full of lazy parents who expect everyone else to pay for their kids!” and “If this couple is so rich, they should have donated more.” How many other people are wealthy and aren’t doing a damn thing with their money except buying (another) new $700,000 car, a $60,000 purse, or a $3 million pair of shoes?

Stuart Weitzman designed these $3 million beauties.

This Lana Marks bag is only $100,000.

I see people posting “good news” and “pay it forward” and “happy stuff” on Facebook quite a lot now. And some of that stuff is informing us of nice things people did. Like a teenager who received a brand-new dream car for her 16th birthday, sold it, and used the money to buy a cheaper, used car for herself and a friend of hers who couldn’t afford a car. The girl was bashed. “What did her parents think of her selling the car?” “Why is a 16-year-old getting a car that expensive anyway?” “In my country, most people can’t afford even run-down old cars.” And on and on. This girl did a good thing. Period.

So, when someone donates $10 million to help others, or even if they donate one dollar to help others, either thank them or shut up. 

Clearly, since I won’t shut up, I will happily say this: Laura and John—thank you.