Are You Kidding Me?!

Are You Kidding Me?!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Exoskeletons and Parking Meters

It’s awesome when we’re out in the world and I can teach my kids something. Like when we park downtown and do math word problems: “If the meter is 50 cents an hour and I put in 15 cents, how long do we have before we get a parking ticket?” Or when we try to figure out if the raspberry-colored splat on the ground is some kid’s ice cream or poop from a bird who ate too many berries. Or how funny it is that, when you figure out mommy’s weight in ounces, it’s a big, big number. Which is, for some reason, hilarious. But, hey, they did a tough multiplication problem. And when we see a goldfinch on the feeder that’s not bright yellow anymore but muddy brown, we speculate that goldfinches don’t migrate they adapt. Math and science are everywhere. It’s endless.

This is all especially awesome when I learn something, too. Like what the exoskeleton of a really big nasty bug looks like. We found this bug’s shell still clinging to the leaves in a tree in our yard. It was holding on for dear life except for the whole it’s-not-alive thing.  

This thing was so gross and so cool, I was at a loss. I was at once horrified and fascinated. It took me ten minutes to get up the nerve to go near enough to snap the pictures. I know, it’s disgusting. But look at it! You can see right through the frickin’ thing. Wild. And note the leaves, people—those are not small leaves.
“Hey, kids, check this out!” Science lesson for the day—check. Two little boys talking about giant bugs and exoskeletons and bug shells during dinner—my bad. I'm suddenly not in the mood for pasta shells. Pass the wine.